Science and Religion by Rabbi Judith Schindler

19 Jan

Uncovering the hidden

Confronting problems
Asking questions
struggling to find answers
under microscopes,
in ancient texts,
and in the world

The languages of both
require translation
for the commoner.

Failure, success
humility, pride
passion, potential
discovery, awe

Building upon the learning and
findings of those who came before us
Sharing wisdom.
Inspiring kids
to embrace the legacy we leave.

Creating collaboration:
teams in labs
community in congregations.
Setting goals of
moving out of ivory towers and sanctuaries
to lift lives and heal the world.

[Join Temple Beth El for the 18th annual Comparative Religion Series on six consecutive Tuesday evenings (January 20 to February 24) from 7:00-9:00 pm at Temple Beth El. The theme for the 2015 Series is “Religion and Science: Can They Coexist?” I’ll be opening the series with Rabbi Chanoch Oppenheim from the Charlotte Torah Center.]


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