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Day 49 of the Omer – time to do

14 May

Malchut in Malchut – the fullness of well-considered meaningful presence and realization in itself.

This is it. Plans have been laid, preparations have been made, we stand in front of our next big motion.

For the Israelites in our story, the mountain and revelation and eventually the holy land lay before them.

What is imminently in front of us? How can we bring all that we have learned and reflected on into the next moment?

Breathe, think, feel, balance, act.

May we all create and find and celebrate as we go forward.

Happy Shavuot tonight everyone!


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Day 48 of the Omer – leap from solid ground

13 May

Yesod in Malchut – the solid balancing point in the wholeness that rules useful doings.

Our best steps start from solid ground. Bringing all the ingredients together to create that stable starting off spot requires all the principles that we have reflected on up until now.

Find that spot, build it even, and then take the next step trusting in our preparations, hoping for the best, and maintain openness to all the unpredictability that may ensue!

Prepare, plan, set our feet solidly, and then go and do!

Almost through the Omer now – we look towards Shavuot on Tuesday night.


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Missed a few Omer reflections?

10 May

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Day 45 of the Omer – inspire the moment

10 May

Tiferet in Malchut – balanced beauty in the implementation of divine presence into reality.​

Ever been perched on one of those moments when all is ready and we have done everything possible to be prepared and our anticipation is a thrill of perfect beginning?​

This could be a physical preparation – about to start a race, or look down the perfect ski slope. An intellectual, social, or emotional endeavor – sitting down to write when we’ve done the right mental preparation, or sitting across from a person we’ve been eagerly waiting to talk to for a long time. It could be a spiritual moment – finally getting the chance to sit and reflect or meditate on something important.​

All of these reflect some of the great balance and beauty of injecting Tiferet into the next moment of doing. Let us balance our expectations with preparations, and infuse the next minute with some inspired excitement.​

Happy Friday, Shabbat Shalom, and more great counting everyone!​


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Day 43 of the Omer – kind actions

8 May

Chesed in Malchut – kindness and mercy in the dwelling presence of the universe.

We want to act, to make a difference. Let us find compassion for our acting – when we act not as well as we would like we can opt to forgive. When we do not act at all let us avoid blame and doubt.

Be kind and then do with kindness.

The last week of the Omer has begun!

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Day 39 of the Omer – aim for the future

4 May

Netzach in Yesod – the persistent victory of the self in a balanced foundation.​

Eternity gets crafted out of well thought out actions that form a solid base.

As we get ready to act, to put our thoughts into reality, we keep in mind the long term even as we focus on forming something simple, balanced, and basic.​

In every part of the foundation we place our hopes and plans for the distant future.

Let us build for the long term – why waste the effort on anything else?​

The counting is nearing its conclusion!​


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Missing 36 & 37 of the Omer?

3 May

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