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Day 35 of the Omer – Grow from smallness

30 Apr

Malchut in Hod – the manifestation of reality in humble smallness.

Gaining perspective must be put to some use. We engage in contemplating how insignificant we are so that we can act effectively. So we must put that acquired wisdom into action and not get lost in our insignificance.

The seed must germinate and grow or not fulfill its purpose.

May our counting lead us to better agency!


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Day 34 of the Omer – Details Build Foundations

29 Apr

Yesod in Hod – a balanced foundation in smallness and humility.​

Building solidly requires taking into account all the details, even the smallest of them.​

Each fastener, each two by four, each decision in design, reminds us of their value when we look upon something well constructed. ​

Happy counting, building something out of small details noticed each day.​


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Day 33 of the Omer – Smallness as Inspiration

29 Apr

Happy LaG b’Omer – the 33rd of the Omer is here – shaving and hair-cutting and going to parties allowed again.​

This is the 5th day of the 5th week of the Omer, Hod in Hod – the awe we get from seeing the universe from our place of smallness, in that place itself.​

Let us remember that our smallness may be a crutch. It too is small.​

Let us embrace a realistic sense of proportion, the infinite inspires awe, let us use this awe to inspire us to be humble so that we act well.​

Still catching up – this is from Saturday night, and Sunday.​


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Day 32 of the Omer – In Every Atom the Universe

29 Apr

Netzach in Hod – eternal self-centered victory in the awe-inspiring perspective from the minuscule.

In the tiniest pixelated particles, the humblest of building blocks of the universe, lay the fundamentals to the mystery behind all existence.

The connections between the ends of the spectrum – ego and humility, grandeur and infinitesimal – run through every aspect of the universe and our innermost selves.

In every moment we may find the everlasting, and the grandest perspectives include an infinity of minutia.

Keeping it all in proportion is one goal of consciousness.

Catching up on reflections – enjoy!


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Day 31 of the Omer – balanced self-reduction

26 Apr

Tiferet in Hod – harmonious beautiful fine-tuned balance in smallness and grace.​

We know that we should embrace some sense of smallness, to self-diminish and withdraw to make room for the growth of others. This is called tzimtzum​ by the Kabbalists and they imagine the Infinite reducing in order to create. ​

Doing this well requires a light and balanced touch – too much space and growth isn’t cultivated, too much and it is stymied. A garden can easily be abandoned or over-attended – neither leads to flourishing growth or partnership.​

Hold values in mind, pause and reflect, and then figure out the right amount of tzimtzum​.​

The days of the Omer are diminshing – this is the 3rd day of the 5th week.​


Day 30 of the Omer – Discipline and humility

26 Apr

Gevurah in Hod – power and rigor in humility and smallness.​

These seem tough to combine at first. Humility, even losing our selves in our powerlessness, may be a crutch. We need to exercise restraint.​

Gevurah represents powerful restraint – a mindfulness of enough being enough since we aim to be mindful of moderation in all things, even in those we identify as virtues.​

An excess of smallness may increase our sense of personal virtue, and may limit our abilities to take action.​

Even our counting should be moderate!​


Day 29 of the Omer – Humility and Compassion

24 Apr

Chesed in Hod – compassion in awe and humility.

I find it easy to see compassion coming from our sense of smallness – this allows us to sympathize easily.

We must proceed cautiously lest we get swept up in sympathizing and lose our ability to help out.

We need compassion for ourselves when in the place of grace in our smallness, so that we can avoid powerlessness.

Happy return to Chesed day 1 of week 5!